I think it's important that clients get to know me a bit before a photo session. It helps to feel more comfortable from the start and we can sometimes find fun things to talk about.

These are all images of my family. I have been married almost 12 years and have 2 children. They aren't twins! My daughter is actually over 2 years older than my son. He is tall :)

Get to know more about me by reading these 7 fun things that you probably don't know!

I am a dog person

Typically the fluffy type. I currently have a 2-year old medium goldendoodle named Hannah (see cute puppy pic of her below). She is the sweetest and laziest dog on the planet. She sleeps on my husband's head and provides me endless happiness. She made the 2020 year quite a bit more fun and snuggly while everyone was home.

We decided Hannah needs a brother, so a boy medium goldendoodle is in the works. I get to have two fluff balls in the house!

I am not a TV person

I am a weirdo who really doesn't watch TV. I probably watch less than 15 shows a year. That's not entire seasons of shows. Just 10 episodes of random things. I always think that one day I will wake up and suddenly be itching to start a TV series. I do enjoy cooking shows. Basically anyting that I can randomly watch and doesn't take a commitment to get through an entire series.

I love to bike

I was one of those people that convinced myself that I SHOULD run. Those "shoulds" can get you every time :) I have been biking for about 14 years. But, I kept trying to mix in running. In 2020 I realized that I probably should just stick with what I loved to do, which was bike. I often ride indoors (Nordictrack S22i for the win) or outside on my road bike or hybrid bike. I have done events up to 81 miles in a day and have completed the 2-day MS 150. These days I am usually doing shorter rides and often end up at Dairy Queen after I convince my son to go on a longer ride.

I am a vegetarian

This isn't a new thing for me. I stopped eating red meat and pork when I was in 8th grade. Eventually I gave up most meat, I still eat fish & shellfish occasionally. It's been a journey and I never felt like I had to fit into a box and put a label on it - plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, etc. I feel that people sometimes try so hard to fit in a perfect labeled box that it becomes impossible. I do this for many reasons and have never felt like I am missing out.

I am an Eric Church music junkie

One of my favorite things in life is Eric Church - both his music and concerts. I travel around the country to his shows and try to be a groupie as much as I can. The fan club is called the "Church Choir". I have real life friends who I have met through our Church Choir group. Random Facebook friends can become real life friends! Who would have thought?

I still listen to music on a record player. Of course I stream too, but I find it really relaxing to put on a record and tune-out the world around me.

I love flowers

You often find me wearing florals, decorating with flowers, and photographing people around flowers. Flowers fit my personality and my business. They are pretty and fancy, yet simple & natural at the same time. Flowers have a certain amount of nostalgia....a certain type reminds them of their mom, grandma, time of year, someone's name, etc.

I can't live without chips & salsa

This is a "must know" about me item. It won't be the last time I talk about them either.

Okay. Maybe I can live without them. But, I wouldn't be near as happy. When COVID hit I noticed other people hoarding toilet paper. I was mass purchasing chips & salsa.

Recently I decided I was going to clean out our pantry and stop buying random things. I ended up out of tortilla chips. My husband thought there was something wrong with me. Yikes. Let's fix that. "Honey, can you go to Costco and get the big bag?"

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